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YACY 0.7

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April 23 2012


YACY 0.7


YACY one is distributed Web crawler and also a caching proxy HTTP / HTTPS. Pages that pass through the proxy are indexed and can be searched using a built-in HTTP server.YACY peers connect with each other and form a P2P network based on the exchange index based on distributed hash tables. Explicit web ramp can be done locally or collaboratively, forming a global search and distributed indexing engine for Web.YACY also provides URL filtering with blacklist sharing among other proxy peers, individual Web page servlet hosting, file sharing area, and a database engine. Here are some key features of "YaCy": • your own research or Global Index • Crawl your own pages or start distributed crawling · Run your peer to support other YaCy crawlers • Provide information on your peers using the integrated HTTP server - file sharing zone and wiki · integrated caching HTTP proxy · indexing of benefits from the proxy cache; private information is not stored or indexed-The use of proxy is not a necessary condition for indexing the Web, but it allows you to access the new Top-Level-Domains. YaCy '· Filter unwanted content like ads or spyware, just share your web-blacklist with other peers • Easy installation! No additional database required! • No central server! · GPL, freeware What's new in this version: [read full changelog] • The complete international character set and all UTF-8 characters are now supported for indexing and search. · Support has been added to the site:, inurl: and filetype: search operator. · a public API has been added to the search results, indexing and the link structure of XML and JSON syntax.

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