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YAF4AJN 1.0.0

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April 23 2012


YAF4AJN 1.0.0


YAF4AJN is a JavaScript file used by browsers to integrate the values received asynchronously in one page. Unlike YAF4AJN jsp not use calculations Serverside. The ARI is a totally separate static content and dynamically calculated values.YAF4AJN is "yet another Ajax Frontendcontroller-JSON-Networks. The name is pronounced like the German word ja fein ([ja: Fain] ~ OK, that's fine). YAF4AJN is a kind of "javascript library" suporting the easy and rapid development of AJAX rich Internet applications without having to write complex javascript code.YAF4AJN allows almost complete separation of content and computing: using in place of the Computer server-side pages or HTML snippets on the basis of models and dynamic values (such as JSP or PHP), YAF4JN pages are created as static HTML content. These pages are delivered directly to the client browser: the server does not change. Instead of the browser itself requests the "failure" of dynamic values. ApplicationServer A calculates these values asynchronously and combine them as pure values to the browser, not as "html-snippets" or something else. And finally, the browser inserts himself received values in the DOM and tree.Developer Designer can take advantage of two "Yaf4ajning" a page: * First, the user experiences a pleasant behavior: it can directly use page (scrolling, filling forms, click menu items) while values are still incorporated subsequently presented and when they are known calculated. So no more blocking preserve its flexibility and directly usable. * And secondly, developer should only do two things for Yaf4ajning its pages: a) It must incorporate JavaScript files yaf4ajn in pagesb), it should mark missed the valuesAnd Library yaf4ajn (named fes.js) performs all other things. So: No No code javascript developing more complex, keep it small and simple.

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