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ICBM3D 0.4

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August 22 2012


ICBM3D 0.4


ICBM3D project is a Missile Command clone in 3D.ICBM3D (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, 3D) is a 3D game of defense. Like the original "Missile Command" and its clones, this game places you in control of Anti-ICBM weapons which you use to destroy an onslaught of missiles (and other nasties) which are dropping onto your nation. The game ends when your cities have all been destroyed. You only gain replacement cities by acheiving certain score thresholds during each attack. The differences between Missile Command and ICBM3D is that ICBM3D, as the name suggests, provides a 3D perspective. You take advantage of X-Window's 3-button mouse to control your firing sight in 3-dimensions and change your viewpoint.Here are some key features of "ICBM3D":· Game Play: · 1-player 3D action. · Mouse-controlled gameplay. · Keyboard-controlled gameplay. (Keyboard settings alterable.) · Missiles: · Standard missiles. · Spiralling missiles. · Splitting missiles. · Higher levels have more, and faster missiles. · Levels 50 and above introduce "wind", blowing the smoke around to confuse you. · Viewing Modes: · Mouse-based viewing control. · View from any point just above to just below your cities. · View from any point just to each side of your cities. · View from the point of view of any incoming missile. · Reduced framerate and "flickery" modes are available to improve game speed and playability. · Easy support for different languages. (Distributed with English). · Source Code: · ICBM3D comes as C source code. · Many #define's are used, so you can tweak the gameplay and some defaults at compile time.Requirements:· X-Window · 3-button mouse recommended · Color display recommendedWhat's New in This Release:· The "makefile" has been updated. Thanks to Tim Rightnour for his contribution!· "keydefs.h" created so you can edit the controls to suit your needs (and your keyboard)· Multiple language support added. Copy "lang_english.h" to "lang_YOUR-LANGUAGE.h", change the words, and recompile with "LANGUAGE=YOUR-LANGUAGE" on "make"'s command-line.Game:· Keyboard control is better. You can now hold down multiple keys.

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