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Yanoid 0.3.5

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August 22 2012


Yanoid 0.3.5


Yanoid project is yet another arkaNOID/breakout clone.Yanoid is Yet Another arkaNOID/breakout clone, but it has been designed to be very flexible and extensible. The main engine is written in C++, but maps, objects, etc are defined in Python, which allows you to design very interesting maps. Yanoid is quite enjoyable.Requirements:· SDL_mixer· Python >= 2.0· SDL >= 1.2.2What's New in This Release:· This release is a wrap up of the current CVS. · Includes stuff that should allow you to compile yanoid under Windows, using mingw. · It no longer uses the SDL_console code. · You should be able to compile with gcc3.

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  • Yanoid is "Yet Another arkaNOID". It is currently quite playable and enjoyable. Yanoid has been designed to be quite flexible and extensible, and while the main engine is written in C++, Yanoid uses python scripts to create maps,...

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