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FaceBuilder 0.1.0

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August 28 2012


FaceBuilder 0.1.0


FaceBuilder is toy.FaceBuilder little FaceConstruction is a little toy application that lets you construct faces by putting together the eyes, nose, mouth, head, hair and some items . You can also further move, scale and rotate each face-parts as you want. Results can be saved in XML files. FaceBuilder currently provides about 50 faceparts in total.Usage: You need Ruby and Ruby bonds for Gtk and GnomeCanvas. Once they scored that just run Ruby. / Facebuilder.rbControls: PgUp, PgDown: Scale facepart Start, End: Cursorkeys facepart rotation: moving parts facepartThe against itself can be selected via the GUI.CustomizationsIf you want to customize this programm simply add the new face parts to data / $ FACEPART / the program should be able to automatically find then.Requirements: · · Ruby Ruby bindings for Gtk New · GnomeCanvasWhat in this version: Rooms · face are mobile with abundant mouse · faceparts more · faceparts are mostly shaded · simple undo / redo · SVG export · faceparts · PNG export can be selected from a list instead of just buttons to toggle

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