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IceHockey Manager 0.3

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August 28 2012


IceHockey Manager 0.3


ICE Hockey Manager is a management franchise and hockey simulation game.Ice Hockey Manager (GUI) is a management franchise hockey game simulation. It involves a high degree of realism in the game engine by playing the simulation, simulates full regular seasons and playoffs, has a fully customizable gameplay (edit teams, players, settings), and much more. Currently, the game focuses on the Swiss Leagues, but there are plans for an NHL Add-on Pack In this article about some very essential features of "Ice Hockey Manager": Incomplete list of game features implemented aujourd 'hui: · game controller based on a timing game. · Multiuser Framework · context League (Swiss style leagues implemented, including the playoffs, relegation). · Teams, with statistics and information. Players · with attributes, statistics, contracts and information. · Simulated games with exhibits and "radio" output. · Training Injuries · · framework contracts · Sponsoring framework, based on contracts Financial framework · · Real Impacts (on teams and players) Transfers · (Swiss style) · Infrastructure Framework (Arena implemented) Prospects · Assistants · and more ... Technique Tip: · written in 100% pure Java · run under Linux and Windows and all other platform Java 1.5 Swing GUI · § Over 200 Java classes § Over 30,000 lines codeWhat New in this version: General: · MMI is now capable of managing multiple engines for game and match presentations · Many small changesGame: · Improvement sponsorship (sponsors xml, new types and negotiations) Improved structures q (better support for multiple infrastructures, 'reduced state) · rink infrastructure is improved (categories created Arena with seating, comfort and conditions) improved accounting · / bookingsGUI: Improving · panel for sponsoring group · created for infrastructure arena, including categories arena dialog

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