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Background Management 0.1

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September 5 2012


Background Management 0.1


Background Management is a tool that helps you manage wallpapers. It contains three tools: chbg - fix argv as its background using Feh. Also creates the symbolic link. Config / wallpaper. If run without arguments trying to define said symlink as the background. Ideal for use in pellet startup - Python script that selects a file from the directory given as argument to chance. Used by randbg.randbg Select a file from the tree specified as first argument (using then defined as the background (using chbg). Historya like to have a pic of Nice on my screen. After some time, each peak becomes a little old but if I have a collection of images. To set them as wallpaper, I have several small scripts to choose one at random and set it as bg with feh. To keep the bg windows restarts, the symlink. Config / wallpaper is generated. Requirements: Python ·

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