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Habotat 0.5.1

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September 9 2012


Habotat 0.5.1


Habotat Bots is a small lightweight application server for hosting services for instant messaging (commonly known as spam). Bots are small, specialized programs that you can communicate with using instant messaging (IM) client, they will appear in your contact list and they are always there to make your bidding.Habotat is written entirely in Java and is known to run on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows. A simple API is provided to allow the creation of new server Habotat Bots.The supports dynamic deployment to hot, so bots can be loaded into the server and activated on the fly and even rebuilt and reloaded without requiring a server restart.What ' s New in this version: · minor bug fixes have been made in the AC AOL IM bot eBay sniping, and routines for managing cookies in the HTTP API.

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