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NOD32 Antivirus for Linux 4.0.81

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July 31 2015


NOD32 Antivirus for Linux 4.0.81


    Most Linux users may claim that they can never fall prey to viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, phishing and other Internet attacks; however, the reality is different. Linux is no harder to break into than a Microsoft Windows operating system. Even though the Linux platform may not be targeted directly, it can act as a malware carrier and cause serious damage to Windows-based systems in the network. Therefore it is vitally important that every single endpoint user within a network uses an antivirus solution providing this multiplatform protection. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 for Linux fulfils this task.

ESET’s solution for the Linux desktop employs the award winning ThreatSense® scanning engine. Utilizing advanced heuristic techniques, ThreatSense® provides industry-leading protection against yet unknown threats. Additionally, the sophisticated generic detection method resembling that of DNA profiling is applied to intercept mutations of already existing infiltrations across all platforms

ESET’s customers are thus protected from the very moment the infiltration starts to spread across the globe, without having to wait for the next signature database update.

Main modules:

* Antivirus
* Antispyware

Key Features:

* Automatically detects and cleans malware – including threats designed for Windows, Mac OS X as well as cross-platform malware.
* Advanced scan setup options - ESET NOD32 for Mac OS X enables you to adjust size, time and depth limits for scanning files, archives and other objects.
* Automatically scans removable media to close this widely used infiltration vector
* Protects your system in real time – all file actions, such as Copy, Move, Download are automatically controlled in the background. Focusing on entry points – email attachments, removable media, and downloaded files – ESET NOD32 for Mac OS X ensures that harmful applications are eliminated before any damage can be inflicted.
* Includes comprehensive charts and statistics – all important malware-related stats are directly accessible from the graphical user interface. You can view information on detected threats, detailed scan logs, as well as real-time file-system activity reports.
* Offers intuitive, streamlined graphical user interface (GUI) to enhance the overall user experience, making your job easier
* Regular updates of virus signature database

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