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Ubuntu Live Chat Support 0.3.14-7

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September 9 2012


Ubuntu Live Chat Support 0.3.14-7


The UbuntuLiveChatSupport aims to provide an interface to communicate to other ubuntu users with the same language & location, as well as to connect to the official ubuntu channel in Ubuntu Live Chat Support also aims to get live chat support from ubuntu users right into the desktop menu, via "System > Help > Live Chat Support".RationalePeople who don't speak english and want local support in their language will face a challenge to gain help in existing documentations, specially when there are just a few documentations for their language. But if they speak to someone that can understand their language, they can talk to an experienced user to provide them with answers. It might as well be positive, because there might be a good chance that they will collaborate on translation of documentations and software for their language, as well as contributing to the Ubuntu work. Another problem with the current way of getting help in Ubuntu requires the user to read and browse documentations, but what most users really want is getting the right answers to the questions straight. Browsing and reading documentations sometimes require one to research on a particular problem. But to get the right answer from an experience user is the most easiest way. ScopeThis will use Gaim as an IRC client, but will not alter the main Gaim configurations. It will add the IRC channels defined in InternetRelayChat in Gaim buddy list, namely, Localized Channels, Support Channels, and Team Collaboration Channels.What's New in This Release:· Change the name "Auto-Join Default" to "Default"· Overhaul the Local Channel names· A new channel will be autojoined based on language.· Added the language to "Local Languages" group· Change the name of "Local Ubuntu Channels" to "Local Channels"· UI improvements, in Nick registration, add a "Passwords do not match" warning.· Impliment a settings in login page to choose from 2 different layout, the default top channels tab and alternative left channels tab. The static xchat-gnome look is removed.· Add a new checkbox for privacy, when registration.· Impliment registration privacy when the checkbox is toggled.

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