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CUDA-Z for Linux 0.10.251

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August 14 2015


CUDA-Z for Linux 0.10.251


    This program was born as a parody of another Z-utilities as CPU-Z and GPU-Z. It demonstrates some basic information about CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs. This program works with nVIDIA Geforce graphic cards of 8000, 9000, GT100 and GTX200 series, Quadro and Tesla cards, ION chipsets. CUDA-Z is a lightweight and portable software tool that lets you examine technical information which revolves around your computer's hardware configuration when it comes to CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs. It clearly addressed advanced PC users. The GUI is user-friendly, based on a single window split into multiple tabs that show data related to the core, memory and performance, respectively. It is possible to select the graphics card from a list if there are multiple ones installed in the computer unit, and view details such as clock rate, PCI location, multiprocessors, threads per multiprocessor, threads per block, grid dimensions and stream priorities.

When it comes to the memory, CUDA-Z shows the bus width, clock rate, error correction mode, L2 cache size, texture alignment, GPU overlap mode and others, while performance details focus on the pinned and pageable host to device and device to host, single- and double-precision float, and so on. Results are automatically updated in the background but this feature can be disabled. Information can be exported to TXT or HTML format for further examination.

This version can show core capabilities and performance and memory size and bandwidth. It shows the performance of single-precision float point and integer operations on all CUDA-enabled cards. It also shows the performance of double-precision operations on newest nVIDIA cards based on GT200 chip. One more feature of this program is an export of CUDA information to HTML format and plain text file.

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