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mobile-broadband-provider-info 20090918

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September 25 2012


mobile-broadband-provider-info 20090918


Mobile parameters for broadband service providers in different countries in mobile broadband-provider-info package contains the settings for mobile broadband for service providers in different countries. The package contains only the information files so it is safe for distribution to retrieve the updates, even during the feature freeze and stages.When maintenance you want to set up a broadband mobile, there is usually a supplier Service specific information you need to know before the connection can be established. Problem with this information, it is very technical for an ordinary consumer and is available only from service providers or web page of Microsoft Windows Media installation becomes with Tie-In Subscription devices.The side Interestingly, this information is that it is the same for each user of a given service provider. This means that information on the specific service provider can be stored in a database. When this database is available, information can be retrieved there and the ordinary user does not need to care for him. Service Provider specific information is stored in an XML file. XML is not the best format optimized for a database, but it is easy to read, understand and edit.The database is released under Creative Commons Public Domain (DC-PD).

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