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Zero Install Injector 0.42.1

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September 25 2012


Zero Install Injector 0.42.1


Zero Install injector is a user-oriented software distribution decentralized. Zero Install Injector project allows users to install software easily and without the need for privileges. It takes root URL of the interface description of a program and chooses the adapted versions of the program and all its dependencies (also identified by URLs) according to policy settings of the user (eg, "stable", "test", "minimal network use", etc.). The selected versions are downloaded and cached and the program is run, using environment variables to let it find the process running Components. is created by combining many different libraries (and other components). In the world of the facility to zero, we have all the versions of each library available at any time. The problem then is how to choose options to use.The injector solves this problem by selecting components to meet the requirements of a program pursuant to a policy that gives. The injector to know what options are available, and downloads and executes those chooseYou you need my GPG key. You can download and import it with: gpg - recv-keys - keyserver 59A53CC1

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