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Alvis::Pipeline 0.11

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October 29 2012


Alvis::Pipeline 0.11


Alvis: Pipeline is a Perl extension for passing XML documents along the Alvis pipeline. Alvis:: Pipeline is a Perl extension for passing XML documents along the Alvis use pipeline.SYNOPSIS Alvis:: Pipeline; $ in = new Alvis:: Pipeline:: Read (host => "" port => 16,716, Spoolder => "/ home / Alvis / spool"); $ out = new Alvis:: Pipeline:: Write (port => 29168) while ($ xml = $ in-> read (1)) ($ transformed = process ($ xml); $ out-> write ($ processed)) This module provides a simple way for components Alvis pipeline to move documents between themselves without having to know about the protocol Transfer underlying. Objects pipe may be created either by reading or writing; components in the middle of the pipeline will create one of each. Pipes support exactly one method, which is read () or write () depending on the type of conduct. The granularity of reading and writing is the XML document, documents or smaller fragments or larger aggregates may be transferred.The should pass through this pipeline are those that represent documents acquired, and was analyzed by , Alvis. These documents are expressed as XML contructed according to specifications described in the metadata format for documents enriched. However, while the pipeline is motivating example that led to the creation of this module, there is no reason why other types of documents should not be passed through the pipeline using this protocol software.The pipeline is described below, to facilitate the development of indepedent implementations in other languages.

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