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AROUNDMe Personal identity server 1.3

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November 27 2012


AROUNDMe Personal identity server 1.3


AROUNDMe Personal Identity Server (AMPI) is a website builder with an OpenID server and consumer, allowing you to manage your own OpenID identity . Take ownership of your Internet Internet identity, create your own profile and build your own social network - all for free with AroundMe Personal Identity Server (AMPI). AMPI gives you your own OpenID account you can use to access all OpenID complient website, yes - no user names and passwords! AMPI gives you a fun and easy to create an Internet profile, several identity pages where you can add videos, pictures or even your identity text.Having own Internet profile page gives you a presence, your presence, how you want. You control and we believe that you control your own identity is a very good idea.Once you a presence you have a house from which to build a network, connect and contribute.AMPi gives you a site for many web page design and add content to allow you to build simple or complex web editor identity.The AMPI allows you to add HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP that gives you full control over the look and feel of all Web page.Here some key features of "AroundMe Personal Identity Server" · identity of a Multi profile page • Easy Administration · · decentralized social networking flexible (HTML and CSS) controlRequirements: · AMPI requires a Web server 1.3/2.x running Apache or IIS5/IIS6 with PHP5.x installed including Curl and GD library.What's new in this version: • Trust Save the screen OpenID identity profile has been added. • Trust OpenID reset screen was added.

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