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Butterfly Testing Tools 2.0.1

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October 21 2012


Butterfly Testing Tools 2.0.1


Butterfly Testing Tools is a collection of testing tools for software testing. Butterfly Testing Tools is a collection of testing tools for software testing and quality assurance. The tools include: dynamic mock object API Testing (JUnit compatible) The dynamic mock object testing API is similar to EasyMock, only we believe it has a simpler interface, and heels, "he fun * and * proxies. The mock trials Dynamick API plugs right into your JUnit tests. EasyMock does not appear to be proxies. We are not talking about cases java.lang.reflect.Proxy. EasyMock has that too. But the attorney for the employees of the real model, such as a proxy model wrapped around a true database connection, allowing you to state what methods were called into the actual link through the proxy. See examples here.The a dynamic test of the mock API supports: · Stubs Mocks · · ProxiesThe stubs and mocks read Martin Fowlers definition caps and mocks.A Stub is an object that implements an interface of a component, but rather that the component would appeal if the heel can be configured to return a value that corresponds to the Mock test. is like a stamp, but he also has methods that make it can determine which methods are called Mock.Proxies mock objects that delegate method calls to objects real collaborator, for example a database connection to real data. Proxies can test both a DAO class reads the correct data base, and the connection.close () is called correctly on the connection after reading. You can also plug the values back to the proxy. The return values will be returned instead of calling the real collaborator. You can switch on the fly between calls and true method collaborator values.Requirements corked back: · Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.5 or New laterWhat in this version: • MockFactory has been extended with new methods for convenience. · Proxies collaborators real now implement all the interfaces of the employee, also interfaces superclasses of employees'.

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