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dagrab 0.3.5

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November 12 2012


dagrab 0.3.5


Dagrab is a program to play audio tracks from a cdrom drive in wav sound files. It should work with any cdrom drive, provided that the digital audio extraction is supported both the player and its Linux driver, but has only been tested and works with your IDE CD cdroms.If n ' FDI is not, you try to better fulfill other programs like cdparanoia (any brand CD) or cdda2wav (SCSI and IDE only) that they are both free and available on the net; cdparanoia should be the best, but I have not tried it out enough yet.Dagrab is licensed under the GNU GPL Software License. Here are some key features of "Dagrab": * Extracts digital audio from CD to WAV files without analog processing. · CDDB (CDDBP only, no HTTP) with an optional track naming · Jitter correction (cdparanoia should be much it better) · can run a command on each track (useful for filtering, mp3 encoding and so on) · Can use CDDB information in the track names and order of filter. · includes a script to generate mp3 files automatically from a CD using gogo and adds title, author (when available) and the ID3 tags as the album available (requires MPEG:: MP3Info for this). Requirements: • Linux (I do not know which version is required; 1.2.x or 2.x should be fine) · i386 processor or compatible (i486, Pentium, K6, ...). I have not tested on other materials . · IDE CD-ROM drive capable of digital audio extraction

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