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G4OSG 0.3

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October 3 2012


G4OSG 0.3


Geant4 Display Driver for G4OSG OpenSceneGraph OpenSceneGraph is a driver for Geant4. It is currently not part of either system, but we hope it will eventually be part of one or both. It allows you to create applications using Geant4 OpenSceneGraph for rendering, and (possibly) or Motif widgets or wxWidgets. The README file contains further details.HOW to install it: This has only been tested on Linux, but Example03 demonstrates compiling with CMake Cross-system platform. The download includes the G4OSG main driver, and 3 examples demonstrating integration projects Geant4 with osgViewer osgViewer incorporated in Reason (libXm) osgViewer window built into wxWidgets window. The first 2 examples using the Geant4 build gmake Convention, placing the compiled binaries in the $ G4INSTALL/bin/Linux-g + + directory. The third example uses OpenSceneGraph CMake build agreement, placing the compiled binaries in the directory Example03. There is also the Makefiles manually building / linking to the standard.

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