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Gaim::Log::Mailer 0.01

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November 5 2012


Gaim::Log::Mailer 0.01


Gaim:: Log:: Mailer is a Perl module that allows you to have your GAIM / Pidgin logs mailed to you.SYNOPSIS use Gaim:: Log:: Mailer; my $ mailer = Gaim:: Log:: Mailer-> new (); $ mailer-> process () # ~ /. gaimlogmailer.yml logfile: / tmp / email_to gaimlogmailer.log: min_age 3600 throttle_interval: 3600 throttle_max_emails: 10Have you ever wanted to watch the contents of an IM conversation you had earlier? But we could not, because you had the conversation on another system that you currently use? You need to centralize your GAIM / Pidgin logs.Gaim:: Log:: Mailer numbers if you have new IM conversations in your Pidgin log directory and send them to your account so that you have in your e-mail you can check where you are.This module comes with a gaimlogmailer script that simply reads a YAML configuration file (usually ~ /. gaimlogmailer.yml>, then process the papers available up to a adjustable threshold, sends properly formatted e-mail address and then exits.It is recommended that you run this script in a cron job to ensure that all new IM conversations are collected and transmitted. For example, Here is a cron job that runs every hour gaimlogmailer to 13 minutes: $ crontab-l 13 * * * * / path / to / gaimlogmailer Requirements: Perl ·

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