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Hamster Wheel 0.3

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October 3 2012


Hamster Wheel 0.3


Marks & Spencer Hamster Wheel Hamster Wheel Linux is a console / remote (via web server) application for Marks & Spencer Hamster Wheel, which uses a USB controller TenX Technology. Our goal is to get the hamster wheel working under Linux.Usage:. / Hamster <Short | Long | Stop> egsudo. / ShortAbout hamster Marks & Spencer WheelPlug Hamster USB Hamster Wheel it into your computer - and when you type the hamster will run in his wheel! In fact, the faster you type the faster hammy will run! An "off" gives your hamster time to rest. Everyone likes having small furry animals around to talk (or is it just us?) And it's even better when they do not require feeding, cleaning, or just looking to perform for ensure that the cat does not get it. Have fun in the office or as a motivation to learn typing!

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