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Jabber::Lite 0.7

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October 29 2012


Jabber::Lite 0.7


Jabber:: Lite is a standalone library for communicating with Jabber servers. Jabber:: Lite is a standalone library for communicating with the use servers.SYNOPSIS Jabber Jabber:: Lite; my jlobj $ = Jabber:: Lite-> new (); $ jlobj-> connect (% args); jlobj $ -- > authenticate (% args) my $ stillgoing = 1 while ($ stillgoing) (my tval = $ jlobj-> process () if ($ tval == 1) (my $ curobj = jlobj $> get_latest (); Process # based on the object.) elsif ($ tval <0) ($ stillgoing = 0;)) GOALSJabber:: Lite is intended to be a pure Perl library to interact with Jabber servers, and be able to operate under any version of Perl that the Sockets library. Jabber:: Lite is, as its name suggests, a library for small lite "to deal with Jabber servers, implemented entirely in Perl. If it is small, it looks to be fairly complete for common tasks.Whats in the box? Jabber:: Lite is able to connect to a Jabber server, read from the socket, and the supply XML objects to the application that the application reads. Its function calls are mostly compatible with Jabber:: NodeFactory and Jabber:: Connection. Surprisingly, it can also function as a stand-alone XML parser (which was not the original intent of the author, but hey, it works). Whats not in the box? An application of a recent perl version, UTF-8, and a fully XML-Parser.Applications line using this library should be aware that this library uses a combination of "pull" and "push method" of providing XML objects. Managers for the types of object can be put in place, however, if an object is not fully managed by a manager, the object will "block" objects until the application retrieves it. Read notes -> Process and -> get_latest () for more integrated parser details.The fully implemented in perl is properly called a recognizer XML. If you want a fully compliant XML parser, look elsewhere. It recognizes XML just enough for his needs.

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