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jobTracker 1.0

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November 27 2012


jobTracker 1.0


php Job Tracker is a very simple job tracking system geared towards companies that provide services to clients who could benefit from a system maintenance service requests organized. Features include full admin user, promotions / incentives admin and admin type work. Help files are included in the program itself.Requirements: · PHP 4.xx This has been developed under 4.1.2, but nothing complicated should break in later versions. · A Web server. This has been developed under Apache 1.3.26. · An SMTP server and email support configured in PHP. · A MySQL server with an account that can create tables and select / update / delete privileges.INSTALLATION: 1. Download jobTracker.2. Unzip the file into a directory on your Web server. 3. Create a database on your server database and keep the name DB handy.4. Navigate to and fill out the form accurately and completely.5. Use the SQL generated (or sql.txt unpacked in the directory) to populate the database that you created and specified in the configuration wizard.6. Change the permissions on lib.php lib_admin.php and read only through the board.7. Delete the following files from the unpacked directory: - TODO - License - INSTALL - setup.php - sql.txt - templates / lib.php - templates/lib_admin.php8. Edit top.php bot.php and unpacked in the directory to reflect your site design. Styles.css also change as needed.

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