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Mac::PropertyList 1.29

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October 28 2012


Mac::PropertyList 1.29


Mac: PropertyList is a Perl module to work with plist Mac to a low level. Mac:: PropertyList is a Perl module to work with plist Mac to use low level.SYNOPSIS Mac:: PropertyList my $ text = data parse_plist ($) # == OR == my $ data = parse_plist_file ($ filename) ; # OR == == open my ($ fh), $ filename or die "..."; my $ data = parse_plist_fh ($ fh); my $ text = plist_as_string ($ data); my $ plist = create_from_hash ( % hash) my $ plist = create_from_array (@ array); my $ plist = Mac:: PropertyList:: dict-> new (% hash), this module is a low level interface for Mac OS X Property List ( plist) format. You should not use in applications --- build interfaces on top of this so you do not put all the hateful stuff multi-object level where people are watching it.You can parse plist files and d 'get back a data structure. You can take this data structure and retrieve the XML plist. If you want to change the structure inbetween is your business.You do not need to be on Mac OS X to this file. It analyzes and manipulates just a text format that uses.What Mac OS X 's new in this version: Perl ·

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