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ntfs-3g (Advanced NTFS-3G Features) 2009.1.1AR.1

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October 3 2012


ntfs-3g (Advanced NTFS-3G Features) 2009.1.1AR.1


Advanced NTFS-3G features while NTFS-3G project is aimed to provide a stable NTFS driver for several operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc, branch tip specially designed to develop capabilities, maturation, and release to get feedback from users before they are integrated into the main branch.The Advanced NTFS-3G Features branch is designed as an add-on the latest stable, to benefit from the improvements and fixes included in the main branch. This facilitates the subsequent integration of new features for both the developer and NTFS user.About-3gAn open source ntfs driver which offers read-write drives.ntfs drive NTFS-3G driver is an open source GPL The third generation Linux NTFS driver for 32-bit, little-endian architectures which was implemented by the Linux-NTFS project. It provides full read / write to NTFS, excluding access to encrypted files, writing compressed files, changing file ownership, access right.Technically is based on a major improvement for the Linux NTFS driver third generation ntfsmount. Improvements in functionality, quality and performance improvements.

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