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Object::Relation::DataType 0.1.0

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October 29 2012


Object::Relation::DataType 0.1.0


Object:: Relation:: DataType is a Perl module with complex data types for TKP. Object:: Relation:: DataType is a Perl module with complex data types for TKP.The Object:: Relation:: name space DataType is set aside for the creation of complex data types for TKP. By "complex" I mean serializable objects, such as dates, times, states, etc. It is also designed to create a distinction between simple data types, which are defined in Object:: Relation:: Meta:: DataTypes. What creates the distinction? Well, first and foremost is the fact that he does not usually create many types of simple data, while data types more complex may need code to handle serialization and deserialization, the overload, etc. But another criterion is that while the data types in Object:: Relation:: Meta:: Types of data is always loaded by RTK, as it uses its own classes, complex data types in the subject:: Relation:: name space DataType tend to be loaded if required by the Object:: business class relationship them.Okay need, it is somewhat arbitrary, but you get the idea . The remainder of this paper is devoted to documenting how to add new types of data to RTK.

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