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Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema 0.1.0

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October 28 2012


Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema 0.1.0


Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder. Object::Relation::Meta::Class::Schema is a Perl module for Object::Relation database store builder.This module is provides metadata for all Object::Relation classes while building a storage schema. Loading Object::Relation::Schema causes it to be used instead of Object::Relation::Meta::Class. This is so that extra metadata methods are available that are useful in constructing the schema, but are not otherwise useful when an application is actually in use.At this point, those attributes tend to be database-specific. Once other types of data stores are added (XML, LDAP, etc.), other attributes may be added to allow their schemas to be built, as well.

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