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Sub::Slice::Manual 1.048

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October 29 2012


Sub::Slice::Manual 1.048


SUB:: Slice:: Manual is a Perl module with user guide for Sub:: Slice. Secondary:: Slice:: Manual is a Perl module with user guide for Sub:: Sub Slice.USING: SliceSub:: Slice is a way to break a long process and the maintenance of the State through a stateless protocol. This allows the customer to draw a progress bar or to give up the process mechanism through.The circumstances be used by Sub:: Slice is similar to the session management used on many Web systems user authentication. However, rather than simply pass an ID as a new way that these systems are not, in Sub:: Slice a data structure with richer information is passed to the customer, allowing the customer to make intelligent decisions Rather than blindly keep state.Use Sub:: Slice is better explained by a small example. Suppose there is a remote access protocol between the client and the server such as XML / HTTP. For brevity, we assume that called methods in the Server box: on the client are magically server.The remote server does two things. The first is to issue a token for the client to use: # create_token under Server (my $ job = new high school:: Slice () return $ job-> token;) The second is to provide the routine in which the token is good at each iteration: do_work sub (my $ token = shift; my $ job = new secondary:: Slice (token => $ token); at_start $ sub job (my $ files = files_to_process () # store information defining the Working to $ job-> store ( "files" $ files)); at_stage $ job "each_iteration" sub (# Conducting training my files = $ job-> fetch ( "file"); my $ file = shift @ $ files; my $ was_ok = process_file ($ file) # record, we did the job $ job-> store ( "files" $ files) # Check if there is more work remains to be done, $ job-> done () unless (@ $ files ););) The client receives a kind of symbolic return from the server. It then passes this back to the server for each iteration. It can control the chip to check for more work left. Customer # my $ token = Server:: create_token () for (1 .. MAX_ITERATIONS) (Server:: do_work ($ token); last if $ token-> (done);)

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