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TA-Linux 0.2.0

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October 10 2012


TA-Linux 0.2.0


TA-Linux is a small, multi-platform Linux distribution. RT-Linux is a free Linux distribution that targets users of Linux. RT-Linux main goal is to have a basic setup that small end-user can expand to include software that needs.The secondary objective is to argue that different architectures that possible.At this time i386 Alpha, MIPS and PPC are fully supported with Sparc and PA-RISC around the software corner.Extra not included in the database is managed by a system like the * BSD ports / Portagee gentoo / etc called Collection, which manages the facility , modernization and major dependencies.The way to install new software to download sources, compile and install (fully automatic). The user can also choose to install already built binary packages, also automatically by using the collection system.

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