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vat 4.0b2

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November 12 2012


vat 4.0b2


Vat is an audio conferencing application developed by the group Research Network Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The source code and precompiled binaries are available by anonymous FTP. The LBNL audio tool, VAT is a real time multi-party, multimedia application for audio conferencing over the Internet. The VAT is based on the draft standard Internet Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) developed by the IETF Audio / Video Transport Working Group. RTP is an application level protocol implemented entirely within the VAT - you do not need special system enhancements to run RTP. Although the VAT can be run point to point using standard unicast IP addresses, it is primarily designed as a multiparty conferencing application. To use the conferencing capabilities, your system must support IP Multicast, and ideally, your network should be connected to IP multicast backbone (MBone). TVA provides the audio portion of multimedia conferencing, video, whiteboard, and session control tools are implemented in separate applications. Our video tool is called Vic and our tool whiteboard wb, UCL developed the DTS another tool session directory related applications include ISI Multimedia Conference Control, MMCC, the Xerox PARC Network Video tool, and NV The INRIA videoconferencing system, IVS. What's new in this version: · code added to Windows audio driver to convert 8-bit linear if the driver does not support 16-bit linear (the code for Win95, which is supposed to do this is apparently broken). Problem reported by dozens of users SoundBlaster. · Unicast Sessions will not work under Windows. (Re-) fix Incoporated John Brezak that was somehow separate from b1 release. VAT restored · 3.4 "[localport net] command" (required by the ISI / MIT RSVP additions to VAT). Asked by Steve Berson. Sitebox Fixed display bug on monochrome screens. Reported by Evi Nemeth. Fixed a bug • where SS-10 could get stuck sending a continuous tone if the last byte before a totally silent is not zero. Reported by Steve Deering. · Correct URL for the SCO port on the homepage of VAT. Correction of Shawn McMurdo. · Incorporated Irix5.3 and 6.x configure and config.h fixes from Andrew Cherenson. · Incorporated configure AIX and config.h fixes from Christian Zahl.

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