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w2otk 0.1

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November 12 2012


w2otk 0.1


w2otk is a simple, effective WAV to ogg vorbis converter. w2otk is a front-end for oggenc.w2otk is rather easy to use. It assumes that you run from a directory of music encoded in WAV format, and you want to convert them to ogg vorbis. In addition, it is assumed that all the songs belong to WAV Race album.Once same w2otk ask the album name, artist name, quality coding and other generalities. It also asks for the name of each song WAV, and what songs should be encoded.After you gave w2otk all the data it needs, reaching the "Encode" button will start the encoding process. w2otk inform you on what song it works both in a status line and the console.After is finished, click "Exit." All WAV files are still present in the directory. Requirements: · Tcl / Tk

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