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WAP::SAXDriver::wbxml 2.04

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October 28 2012


WAP::SAXDriver::wbxml 2.04


WAP: SAXDriver:: wbxml is a Perl module with SAX parser for WBXML file. WAP: SAXDriver:: wbxml is a Perl module with SAX parser for WBXML file.SYNOPSIS use WAP:: SAXDriver:: wbxml; $ parser = WAP: SAXDriver:: wbxml-> new ([options]) $ result = $ parser-> parse ([options]); WAP: SAXDriver:: wbxml is a SAX2 driver, and it inherits from XML:: SAX:: Base. This man page summarizes the specific options, handlers and properties supported by WAP:: SAXDriver:: wbxml; please refer to the SAX 2.0 standard for the use of general files WBXML information.A binarized is the XML file according the specification: WAP - Wireless Application Protocol / Binary XML Content Format Specification / Version 1.3 WBXML (May 15, 2000 Approved) This module can be configured by the file WAP:: SAXDriver: wbrules . pl which contains all specific values used by WAP applications.This module needs IO:: File IO:: String and I18N:: modules character sets.

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