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WinDriver 9.10

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October 3 2012


WinDriver 9.10


WinDriver software automates and simplifies the development of user-mode Linux device drivers for PCI / PMC / PCI-X / CardBus... WinDriver software automates and simplifies the development of user-mode Linux device drivers for PCI / PMC / PCI-X / CardBus / PCIe / PCI-104 and CompactPCI. No OS internals knowledge or kernel level programming required.Including powerful tools for:· Hardware diagnostics · Automatic driver code generation · Driver debugging · Hardware access - using our intuitive API WinDriver provides a complete solution for creating high performance drivers and custom hardware access applications. WinDriver enables you to focus on your driver's added-value functionality, instead of on the operating system internals.Benefits· User Mode Development: No DDK, ETK, DDI or any system-level programming knowledge is required. · Cross OS Portability: Use the same source code for Windows 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / XP Embedded / Server 2003 / Vista, Windows CE, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks. · High Quality: WinDriver's kernel has been field tested on thousands of hardware/software configurations. · Time to Market: Shorten your development cycle and reduce time to market. · Application code compatibility: Execute and maintain the same binary code for all Linux flavors and kernels 2.2.x, 2.4.x and 2.6.x.Here are some key features of "WinDriver":Friendly Wizard:· DriverWizard provides hardware verification and diagnostics, automatic code generation and driver debugging, all through a graphical interface. Immediate Hardware Access:· Test your hardware through a graphical user mode application, without having to write a line of code. Code Generation:· DriverWizard automatically generates skeletal driver code specific to your hardware, for · Visual Studio / MSDEV .NET / Visual Basic / Delphi / GCC. · In addition to supporting any PCI peripheral, WinDriver includes enhanced support for leading PCI vendors, such as PLX, Xilinx and Altera.· This enhanced support includes vendor-specific driver samples, which can be used to further accelerate the driver development process. Driver Debugging:· The included Debug Monitor logs debug information for your driver in real time. Detailed examples in C.64-Bit Hardware Support on 32-bit Systems:· Allows utilizing the additional bandwidth provided by 64-bit hardware and enables 64-bit data transfers on x86 platforms running 32-bit operating systems. Drivers developed with WinDriver will attain significantly better performance results than drivers written with the DDK or other driver development tools that do not support this feature.64-Bit Architectures Support: WinDriver supports the 64-bit AMD64 and Intel EM64T CPU architectures (known as "x86_64") on Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernels, and the Intel Itanium and Itanium 2 architectures (known as "IA64") on Linux 2.6.x kernels.Requirements:· x86 32-bit, x86 64-bit (x86_64: AMD64 and Intel EM64T), IA64 (Intel Itanium and Itanium 2), or PowerPC (32-bit & 64-bit) architectures. Supported Linux kernel (including embedded Linux): · For x86 32-bit architectures: Linux kernel 2.2.x-2.6.x.· For x86 64-bit and PowerPC 32-bit architectures: Linux kernel 2.4.x-2.6.x. · For PowerPC 64-bit and IA64 architectures: Linux kernel 2.6.x. · PCI / PCIe / CardBus / PMC / PCI-X / PCI-104 or CompactPCI. · Any 32-bit or 64-bit development environment (depending on your target platform) supporting C. Hard drive space: · x86 : 39MB · x86_64 : 38MB · PPC (32-bit) : 36MB · PPC (64-bit) : 39MB · IA64 (WinDriver v8.02) : 34MB

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