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Balder2D 1.0

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December 19 2012


Balder2D 1.0


Balder2D is a 2D shooter in Zero gravity.Balder2D uses SDL, the SDL_image, SDL_mixer, Guichan, ESG, and Boost libraries.You filesystem will need to install these building / run. Balder2d also requires Python for AI work. The source of Balder 2D is available in "balder2d" module cvs.In balder2d, players control small probes shoot tiny projectiles with which they try to destroy each other. It has a 2D view of terrain. Probes may be human or computer controlled. A probe can perform the following actions: projectiles rotatefire "stick" to a wallpush walk a wallIf probe does not "stick" mode (ie, the "stick / push key is not pressed), it will bounce walls.If a probe is "stick" mode when it hits a wall, it stops. The player may then turn the probe to move in a new direction and push off "the wall ( by holding, then releasing the "Stick / push button '), propelling the probe into this new direction.Players May rotate their probes while in flight, but the only way to change direction or speed of flight is by projectiles cooking (which gives a little kick in the opposite direction) or by running into walls or other probes.Probes have a limited number of projectiles can be fired in a given time, there is a maximum capacity ammunition which has a recharge rate over. What's new in this version: [read full changelog] · more decoration to make it easier to see which way the probes are · export script to create levels with Gimp

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