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Kanji Strike 1.0

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December 19 2012


Kanji Strike 1.0


Kanji Strike is an arcade game where you must shoot down meteors by matching kanji with their pronunciations. Has kanji for all grade levels (~5,000 total). Inspired by Kanji City Defender.Setup instructions 1. Install Python. 2. Install Pygame. 3. Download a font that supports kanji, if you don't already have one. See recommendations below. 4. Download the latest Kanji Strike package and unpack it in a convenient folder. 5. Edit so that FONT_FILENAME is the location of the font from the previous step.Start the game by running from the command line or by clicking on it in a file browser.Gameplay - ControlsKanji Strike uses keyboard controls only.Arrow keys or WASD: navigate menus, move target.Space or Enter: press button, confirm selection, shoot missile.Right Shift or 'R': switch missile.Gameplay - Title ScreenThere are four save files. Each file records which kanji-pronunciation pairs a player has mastered.Gameplay - Menu ScreenThe menu screen lets the player alter game settings.Grade Level: A player who wishes to begin at grade 1 and work their way up should just select 'auto.'Readings: The player can restrict which pronunciations they practice to only onyomi or only kunyomi. Note that this restriction fails occasionally, so in practice selecting 'onyomi only' results in 95% onyomi and 5% kunyomi, and vice versa.Meteor speed: Controls how fast the meteors fall.Gameplay - Data ScreenShows how much the player has mastered, by grade level. Also allows the player to delete the save file currently in use.Gameplay - Game ScreenThe player starts with 20 life points. When a meteor reaches the bottom of the screen, it explodes and causes 10 points damage. A life point is gained every time the player shoots down a meteor. Zero life points means game over.The player shoots down meteors by matching the pronunciation on the missile with the character on the meteor. More than one meteor can be 'correct' at a time.The player can also get a new missile with a new pronunciation by pressing space. However, this costs two life points.Every two minutes or so, a green save box appears beneath the life and missile bars. The player can drive into the save box to end the current game and return to the menu screen.The dataThe data is a list of kanji-pronunciation pairs taken from the KANJIDIC dictionary file. For example, the kanji 聞 has 4 pronunciations: ブン, モン, き.く, き.こえる, and therefore has four pronunciation pairs. The player is tested on each pair independently.These pairs have been grouped according to the grade level of the kanji as follows:1-6: Grade school kanji by grade. 500-600 pairs per grade.8a-8c: High school kanji. 600-900 pairs per grade.9: Jinmeiyou (name) kanji. 741 pairs.10a-10j: Advanced kanji. About 1,000 pairs per grade. The kanji were divided into grades according to frequency, so the most frequently used kanji are in grade 10a, and so on.After each game, the new pairs the player got right are recorded as mastered in the save file. Requirements: · Python · pygame What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ] · This version adds game save, which is vital. There are four save files, and a player's progress is saved to their file at the end of each game. Players can also see their process in another screen, which has bar graphs showing mastery by grade.

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