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mod_loopback 2.1

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April 16 2013


mod_loopback 2.1


mod_loopback module serves as a web client debugging tool and simply sends back plain text output of everything received conerning a request: the request line, headers, any content received from a POST or PUT, and if installed, any data passed from mod_waConfiguration:The commands below can be added to the general Apache configuration file, httpd.conf. LoopbackLog boolean Context: server When true, save the contents of all requests into the log file specified by LoopbackLogFile. Default is false. LoopbackLogFile file Context: server An absolute or server-root relative filename used to log loop-back requests. The default is "logs/loopback.log".Requirements:· Apache 1.3 for 1.4 or Apache 2.0 for 2.0What's New in This Release:· Applied minor fixes suggested by Gnter Knauf to support other systems like Novell Netware and Windows.· Copyright date updates.

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