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Namazu 2.0.14

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April 18 2013


Namazu 2.0.14


Namazu is a search engine full text. Namazu uses the command Maker mknmz index and the researcher command.For namazu text searching rapidly through many documents, Namazu generates an index similar to that of a book. Mknmz command compiles the index. The target directory for indexing is given as an argument for mknmz. For example, if the target directory is / home / foo / public_html, then type% mknmz / home / foo / public_htmlNow documents such as *. pdf and *. txt in / home / foo / public_html are indexed and NMZ .* files are created in the directory where you run mknmz. NMZ .* files are the command index.The Namazu Namazu search index. For example: bar% namazu / home / foo / Namazu / foobarThe above research a keyword "bar" for the index in / home / foo / Namazu / bar. To find a large amount of documents quickly, Namazu makes an index in advance. The concept of index is only comparable to an index of book.Namazu is developed by Namazu Project. Namazu will work on Unix, Win32 and OS / 2 environments. For Win32, you can find Namazu for Win32: A full text search engine page. For OS / 2, OS / 2 port of Namazu a full text retrieval system of research is maintained by Shimizu-san. Each page provides also.Not binary package only with the CGI web interface, it works on the command line as Namazu. Other interfaces are also available from other sources, such as namazu.el and Wanderlust on Emacs Tknamazu on X Window System and Search-O on Win32.Filters namazu allow index different file formats. Mail / News filter works without additives, requires another type of filter executable third party even if the calling capabilites included in the package Namazu.

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