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SAGA.M31 -Galaxy- 1.5

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April 16 2013


SAGA.M31 -Galaxy- 1.5


SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - project allows you to create a Web service to your business data in 15 minutes. All you need is a servlet container, database and information Browser.The can be accessed either via a SOAP Document / Literal Style Web Service or a simple XML-Request/Response structure. A free download and license are also available as a free Eclipse plugin that allows you to implement the data into your business data is secured by application.The userid / role permissions. The WSDL for the Web service can be public or private, so you decide who accesses your Data.dat consistency with the platform is ensured by a layer of independence that makes it easy to migrate the underlying data to another source.SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - is a service providing data access. This section describes features that are already available in SAGA.M31 - Galaxy -. No sales to come, but real information. The functionality of SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - is strong objective to provide access to sources of information most important knowledge.This without programming separates the logic of the logical data access and improves performance with specialists database construction of the data structure and definition and application programmer with a focus on business logic. Because we continuously improve the function of scenery, we invite you to visit this site regularly. As an alternative, you can use our RSS feed to be informed automatically. Firsthand information subscribing to our newsletter is welcome, and you'll get first.

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