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SMK PHP Authentication Class 1.0.1

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April 16 2013


SMK PHP Authentication Class 1.0.1


SMK PHP Authentication Package class can be used to authenticate users against a database MySQL data records.It user can check if there is a record for an active user given the username and password. If authentication succeeds, it creates a file for a new session in another database table The new session identifier is attached to a session cookie. This cookie can be verified in the following access to determine if the user has been authenticated and the session did not expire.Installing: · Import script.sql "in your MySQL database (it adds a user default "Testman", "password t) Alter the · accourding your system configuration. Please adjust the session time as it may be to high for you. · Build a login page similar to my example "login.php". you must include two files require_once ( 'auth.class.php') require_once ( '') • and all the "registered only" pages include "require_once ( 'auth.php');" on top . Please check "index.php" What's new in this version: • A new optional behavior for session timeout was added. · By connecting or disconnecting the _TIMEOUT_ABSOLUTE constant "", you can determine if the session timeout is relative to the time of connection or relation to the last user activity (reloading the page or sumbision ).

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