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Web Information Saver Beta

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April 16 2013


Web Information Saver Beta


Web Information sheet records and organizes texts, news and quotes from the web.Saving all kinds of texts such as news, quotes, information with the source and date information stored offline use.The are categorized and can be accessed easily. Very convenient for creating documents and research, but also for recording entries etc. online discussion boards, it is also possible to record (and see) the information directly in HTML source code.Why should I not use Save browsers page .. function? I did so and quickly lost the overview. It is always a comprehensive site that is saved, even if you are simply interested in a simple sentence! And these large files are scattered all over your hard drive and it is uneasy to find or search in them. Why should not I use other tools? Hey! You can choose what you want. But they all depend on a special operating system or browser they are special or just expensive. Through the platform of giving up specific functions, WEB INFORMATION SAVER is designed to operate on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. Requirements: · Java (1.4 or higher)

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