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BlissRADIUS for Linux 3.1

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May 27 2013


BlissRADIUS for Linux 3.1


    If you provide Internet services and have simple needs, limited knowledge of computers or limited money, maybe you will be interested in this product.

For managers:

* Software solution for authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for Internet providers
* It works on Windows and Linux operating system
* All necessary services in one package
* Core consists of RADIUS and Web server designed in accordance with the RFC standards and reliable SQLite database
* It works with any network access server (NAS), which respects the RFC standards
* Access and use is using a web browser
* Multilingual support, new translations can be easily added
* Translated in the following languages: Chinese (simplified), Croatian, English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian and Spanish
* Limitless combinations of types of account
* Easily create a large number of users for Sellers
* Easily send mail to all customers
* Multi-level access rights
* Separate client Web portal with information on the account, payments, consumption, signal quality, etc..
* Multiple allocation of RADIUS attributes in the response during the authentication
* RADIUS dictionary is extensible with new attributes

For administrators:

* Simple installation that requires only copying files
* Does not depend on any library or installed programs
* All services operate in the same process
* Executive file is compiled for Windows and Linux in the machine code for speed and small size
* All data is stored in a SQLite file for easy maintenance
* Temporarily saved data into memory in order to increase speed, memory requirement depends on the number of users
* Functional installation together with the data can be moved between Linux and Windows operating systems
* Simple upgrade that requires a copy of the file and restart the server

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