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Monochromatic-black 2.0

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May 19 2013


Monochromatic-black 2.0


Monochromatic-black is the seventh part of a monochromatic GTK themes. It has 3 different engines to choose engines are gtkrc file.Possible ubuntulooks, Clearlooks and Murrine (of course, you must install them if not already installed) to install the theme, unzip it in your / user / home /. theme / or in your / usr / share / theme / directory as root. As usual.Now to change the engine, edit the gtkrc file in the theme directory and uncomment the relevant lines (while commenting that you do not need) for developers commentsI've provided information on how to done in the file itself gtkrc. You need to be sorted! We have also included the screen as the screen shots if you ask it.By the way the engine is the default Clearlooks (I love this engine!) Also Menubar and l art panel for sizes 24 to 96 Requirements px!: · GTK 2.x GNOME · 2.xWhat's new in this version: * Added a variety of options new theme engine metacity · New Fixed a little color of issues

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