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Robolinux 7.7

OS Support:

Windows 8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/2008/98


Publisher Old version


August 2 2013


Robolinux 7.7


Robolinux makes Windows 7 & XP 100% immune to all Viruses & Malware forever!

Brothersoft Editor: GREAT FOR ALL WINDOWS XP & 7 USERS:

Imagine never getting a virus or malware again for the rest of your life on Windows 7 or the soon to expire Windows XP. Many people don't want to or cannot afford to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. That's no problem when you run XP inside Robolinux which does not require any Windows security updates and saves you hundreds of dollars!

Robolinux is the only truly hassle free, user friendly, fully configured Linux operating system with Phone, eMail & Chat support that installs in less than 10-15 minutes, with all updates and has instant 1 click install buttons for all Wifi & Video drivers. A free fully operational live version of Robolinux is available to download Now with support: Phone: 831-250-6407, eMail: & Chat: Google Talk: Robolinux1

Robolinux runs all Windows programs instantly & seamlessly via a "Revolutionary 1 click Windows
XP or 7 virtual machine installer" which safely sand boxes it inside Robolinux, 100% immune to all Windows viruses.

You will never ever get a virus again for the rest of your life! Feel free to surf the web in Robolinux
until you are blue in the face. No matter what you download or what website you visit, it will be
impossible to get a Windows virus.

We invented the: "Revolutionary One Click XP & 7 Virtual Machine Installers" which automatically download & configure your Windows VM. Then you load your Microsoft licensed version of Windows.

Robolinux automatically keeps your Windows XP &7 registry running fast and prevents it from slowing down in our virtual machine by pressing just one button in our menu. We actually restore your original Windows with all updates & program in one click and just a few minutes.

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