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UFRaw for Linux 0.13

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November 2 2009


UFRaw for Linux 0.13


UFRaw is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras.

Requirements: For GIMP 2.4.6 or higher

BS Editor: The Unidentified Flying Raw (UFRaw) is a utility to read and manipulate raw images from digital cameras. It can be used on its own or as a GIMP plug-in. It reads raw images using Dave Coffin's raw conversion utility - DCRaw. UFRaw supports Color Management workflow based on Little CMS, allowing the user to apply ICC color profiles. For Nikon users UFRaw has the advantage that it can read the camera's tone curves. Even if you don't own a Nikon, you can still apply a Nikon curve to your images.

There are some important features which are still missing in UFRaw:

100% Zooming.
Embed EXIF data - UFRaw can save the EXIF data to JPEG output for a few supported formats. These formats include Canon (CRW, CR2), Nikon (NEF), Pentax (PEF), Samsung (PEF), Sony (SR2, ARW), Fuji (RAF) and Adobe's DNG

UFRaw-0.16 released, based on DCRaw v 8.98.

New German translation by Matthias Urlichs and Chris Leick.
New Simplified Chinese translation.
Added --with-gtk configuration option to make GTK optional.
When GTK is used, the GtkImageView Library is mandatory.
Added lightness adjustmens by hue. Based on patch by BRUCE Guenter.
Added --color-smoothing command line option.
Added --maximize-window command line switch.
Configurable Frame lines overlay. Patch by Bruce Guenter.
OpenMP support for preview redrawing. Patch by Bruce Guenter.
OpenMP support for VNG interpolation. Patch by Bruce Guenter.
Added rotation control to the transformations page of the GUI. Patch by Frank van Maarseveen.
Initial implementation of 100% preview. Based on patches by Frank van Maarseveen.
Added support for hot pixel elimination. It is an experimental feature enabled by the configuration switch --enable-hotpixels. Based on patch by Frank van Maarseveen.

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