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QCad for linux

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June 17 2009


QCad for linux


QCad is an application for computer aided drafting in 2D for linux.

QCad is an application for computer aided drafting in two dimensions (2d). With QCad you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schemas and Diagrams. QCad works on Windows, Mac OS X and many Linux and Unix Systems. The source code of the QCad community edition is released under the GPL (Open Source).

QCad was designed with modularity, extensibility and portability in mind. But what people notice most often about QCad is its intuitive user interface. QCad is a simple 2D CAD system for everyone. You don't need any CAD experience to get started with QCad immediately. You can download a free trial version and try QCad today.

Main Features
* Multi-document interface
* Layer support
* Block support (grouping)
* Integrated part / symbol browser
* 24bit Colors
* 24 different line widths
* 19 line styles
* 35 CAD optimized fonts
* 200 undo/ redo levels
* Clipboard functions (Copy, cut, paste)
* Rotate, scale, flip while pasting

Supported units:

* Metrical: Nanometer, Millimeter, Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, ...
* Imperial: Inch, Foot, Mile, Microinch, Mil, Yard
* Other: Angstrom, Micron, Astro, Lightyear, Parsec

Supported file formats:

* DXF R12 and DXF 200x (reading / writing)
* BMP, JPEG, PNG, .. (import and export as bitmaps)
* SVG (export)
* High quality PDF (export)


* Printing to scale (e.g. 1:2, 1:100, ..)
* Print preview with paper selection


* Points
* Lines
* with two points
* given absolute angle
* horizontal / vertical
* rectangles
* parallels
* bisectors
* tangents
* orthogonal
* given relative angle
* regular polygons
* freehand lines

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