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October 13 2010




Sagator is an email antivirus/antispam gateway.

BS Editor: Sagator is an email antivirus/AntiSpam Gateway. It is an interface to the postfix, sendmail, or any other smtpd, which runs antivirus and/or spamchecker. It's modular architecture can use any Combination of antivirus/spamchecker according to configuration.

Change 1.1.1
- ClamAV 0.94 compatibility updates and better clamav autodetection
- selinux updates
- deb package conflict added to automatically remove sagator-libclamav
- mkchroot update for /tmp/quarantine owner/group
- sgfilter update for exim, which sends mailbox content to procmail
- added pyformat style emulation for sqlite (fixed sqlite logging)
- Now() changed to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, works with current sqlite too
- updated XFORWARD pattern to match alternate syntax
- simulate rowcount for DB, which does not support it (sqlite)
- new rpm package sagator-core (sagator is now only to install
- accept connection without HELO with milter()
- some changes for to avoid problems running sagator,
file_type() scanner has been maked obsolete, use file_magic() instead
- milter greylist fixes
- does not break DATA connection, break it before DATA and send QUIT
when closing connection
- close all fds before fork, enable autorestart in deb scripts
- new scanner elisted() - enhanced listed scanner
- increased timeout for spamd connection
- symlink /var/tmp -> /tmp fixed in chroot
- updates for esets-3.0
- display exact error when unable to rotate log file
- fix cyclic symlink for non-standard path when creating sagator chroot

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