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C++ xml 1.0.17

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July 14 2009


C++ xml 1.0.17


Provides an API for XML document handling

EditByBSEditor: This C++ Library provides an API for XML document handling. Similar to the JDOM Java interface, a XML document can be parsed, traced and generated by the provided methods. Furthermore, this library is a good example for the usage of the dragon Parser Generator.

Date Version Comment
Shared library support added
Added blob cdata support for stream elements ( used to store blobs )
Fix of escape bug in Element::setText method
Small bug fix in Document::setRootElement
Added Newline to getXMLChain methods and the end of export
Changed Element constructor for explicit reference count defintion
Added createClone method to class Element
Improved performance with new created parser
Reference count bug fix
Improved error message in case of XML syntax errors

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