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Hanzi Master for Linux 3.3

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January 4 2011


Hanzi Master for Linux 3.3


Hanzi Master is a Chinese character learning-aid program.

Requirements: For Ubuntu/Debian or Fedora/Redhat

Brothersoft Editor: Hanzi Master for Linux is a Chinese Character learning-aid program. It is designed to help you memorize characters and words by letting the structure they share work for you instead of against you.


Display characters with same radical, phonetic component, and pronunciation
Display compounds a character participates in in first and second position
Look-up by Mandarin pinyin or Cantonese jyutping
Look-up by radical
Look-up by English meaning
Look-up-by-paste, and Copy to clipboard functions
Large Chinese-English Dictionary
Narrow focus to most common characters

New in version 3.3
Export study lists
Drag and drop for reader files
Improved resizing, particularly for small screens
Added Help buttons and tooltips
Usability improvements for text boxes and elsewhere
Bug fixes

Download1 for Linux Ubuntu or Debian
Download2 for Linux Fedora or Redhat

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