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Babel - routing protocol 0.96

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August 21 2009


Babel - routing protocol 0.96


Babel — a loop-free distance-vector routing protocol

Brothersoft Editor: Babel is a distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4 with fast convergence properties. It is based on the ideas in DSDV, AODV and Cisco's EIGRP, but uses a variant of ETX Link cost estimation rather than a simple Hop-count metric.

Babel has the following features:

* it is a distance-vector protocol;
* it is a proactive protocol, but with adaptative (reactive) features;
* it senses link quality for computing route metrics using a variant of the ETX Algorithm;
* it uses a feasibility condition that guarantees the absence of loops (the feasibility condition is taken from EIGRP and is somewhat less strict than the one in AODV);
* it uses sequence numbers to make old routes feasible again (like DSDV and AODV, but unlike EIGRP);
* it speeds up convergence by reactively requesting a new sequence number (like AODV, and to a certain extent EIGRP, but unlike DSDV);
* it allows redistributed external routes to be injected into the routing domain at multiple points (like EIGRP, but unlike DSDV and AODV).

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