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RabbIT 4.7

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August 27 2010


RabbIT 4.7


RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links.

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 6.0 or higher

BrothersoftEditor: RabbIT is a web proxy that speeds up web surfing over slow links by doing:
* Compress text pages to gzip streams. This reduces size by up to 75%
* Compress images to 10% jpeg. This reduces size by up to 95%
* Remove advertising
* Remove background images
* Cache filtered pages and images
* Uses KeepAlive if possible
* Easy and powerful configuration
* Multi threaded solution written in java
* Modular and easily extended
* Complete HTTP/1.1 compliance

RabbIT is a proxy for HTTP, it is HTTP/1.1 compliant (testing being done with Co-Advisors test, and should hopefully support the latest HTTP/X.x in the future. Its main goal is to speed up surfing over slow links by removing unnecessary parts (like background images) while still showing the page mostly like it is. For example, we try not to ruin the page layout completely when we remove unwanted advertising banners. The page may sometimes even look better after filtering as you get rid of pointless animated gif images.

Since filtering the pages is a "heavy" process, RabbIT caches the pages it filters but still tries to respect cache control headers and the old style "pragma: no-cache". RabbIT also accepts request for nonfiltered pages by prepending "noproxy" to the adress (like Optionally, a Link to the unfiltered page can be inserted at the top of each page automatically.

RabbIT is developed and tested under Linux. Since the whole package is written in java, the basic proxy should run on any plattform that supports java. Image processing is done by an external program and the recomended program is convert (found in ImageMagick). RabbIT can of course be run without image processing enabled, but then you lose a lot of the time savings it gives.

RabbIT works best if it is run on a computer with a fast link (typically your ISP).

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