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Varnish Cache 3.0

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June 17 2011


Varnish Cache 3.0


Web accelerator written with performance and flexibility in mind.

BrothersoftEditor: Varnish is a web Accelerator written with performance and flexibility in mind. Its modern architecture gives it a significantly better performance than competing solutions. Varnish stores web pages in memory so that web servers do not have to create the same web page over and over again. The web server only recreates a page when it is changed. Additionally Varnish can serve web pages much faster than any application server; giving the website a significant speed up.

The benefits of Varnish Cache include

Improved User Experience
Reducing your websites´ load time increases the amount of users visiting your website and the time they spend at it. Load time speed is a key Factor determining users loyalty.

Enhanced Resilience Against Failures
If you should experience problems with your web- or application servers Varnish Cache can continue to serve content that already resides in its cache, protecting your revenue stream.

Reduced Power Usage
Huge savings are made with Varnish, both financially and carbon wise. Due to its efficient nature, it reduces the number of servers needed by 20-50%.

Best Product in its Class
It is not by chance that some of the largest websites in the world, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have chosen Varnish Cache.

Low Initial Cost, Fast Return on Investment and Low Risk
Since Varnish Cache is an open source software, a Varnish Subscription does not represent a huge investment. If you should find Varnish does not fit your needs before you have gone into production you will not loose a major investment. Service contracts are paid on a yearly basis, reducing the capital strain.

Unmatched Flexibility
Varnish Cache has a unique, policy driven configuration language, giving you the flexibility to ADAPT Varnish Cache's behavior to exactly match your needs. Do you need to serve different content to users using mobile devices or coming from another country? Varnish can handle just about any requirement.

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